Bringing disciplines across product, business and design.

Once (somewhat optimistically) referred to as a Renaissance man, I‘m comfortable across across all stages of digital product development.

I have experience leading multi-disciplinary teams, providing strategic direction, and generating high-potential product concepts—while being hands-on enough to design and prototype them into reality.

To help you determine whether I might be a good fit for your project or team, here‘s some background about myself and how I work.

What it‘s like to work with me

Where I worked before

Before going independent, I spent a decade working with global agencies and design studios. I got my hands dirty designing and prototyping digital products for a diverse range of clients and industries, before moving into senior design and leadership roles.

What I do when not working

When off duty, you‘ll often find me racing my Bianchi Infinito road bike through the Dutch countryside, brewing specialty filter coffee, playing boardgames with my two kids, binging Scandi-Noir, or baking a loaf of homegrown sourdough.