Bridging disciplines across product design and digital strategy.

As a seasoned design generalist, I help ambitious companies design their next big things—fundamentally grounded in a deep understanding of human behaviour, depth of skill in user experience design, and a strong sense for what makes a great product.

I'm comfortable leading multi-disciplinary teams, providing strategic direction, and generating high-potential product concepts—while being hands-on enough to design and prototype them into reality.

Below are roles and activities that teams typically hire me for.

Product strategy

I helped grocery retailer Albert Heijn establish a product strategy and roadmap for digital assistants

Successful products emerge at the intersection of customer needs and business goals.

I can help you explore product/market fit, establish a digital strategy, articulate success metrics, and translate them to tangible goals to inform product development.

Research & discovery

I ran design sprints with Liberty Global's entertainment product team.

Many teams focus on delivering solutions without fully understanding the problem.

I can help you challenge assumptions and uncover insights, then turn them into elegant product and service concepts—increasing the chance you'll end up building the right thing.

Design & prototyping

I built dozens of prototypes for Air France-KLM's digital consumer touchpoints.

At the end of the day, there's few things I find more rewarding than seeing a great idea come to life.

With 10+ years of experience in user experience design, I can move high-level concepts into detailed design and fully-functional prototypes with ease.

Product validation

I ran usability tests for Liberty Global's next-gen consumer electronics.

Gathering early customer feedback helps to determine whether they see value in what you’re developing.

With a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, I can help you validate product decisions and uncover flaws that would otherwise be shipped to customers.

Speaking, coaching & mentoring

I talked about designing for context at the Dutch Design Week.

Aside from consulting with clients, I enjoy speaking and writing about all aspects of digital product design.

I have previously been invited to speak at events across Europe, including UX Poland, the Dutch Design Week, and UX Scotland.

Also, I regularly coach and mentor design students at the Amsterdam and Utrecht Universities for Applied Sciences.